Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader

Tomorrow July 22, 2019 the President of the Republic of the Philippines will deliver his message about the State of the Nation to the House of Representative as it open the 18th Congress of the Philippine Republic. The President might talk of different issues such as China and Philippine Relations, the War on Drugs andContinue reading “Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader”

No rest room in the land of the Dead

Have you seen Coco the Movie? It is a 2017 American 3D Computer animated fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story tells about the Mexican Tradition of Dia del Muerto that is similar to the Philippine Tradition in Honoring our Dead love ones which is the “Araw ngContinue reading “No rest room in the land of the Dead”

Let your Money work for you

How do you earn money? What is your behavior towards earning money? I know some earn easy money but most of us do hard work in getting money. But how much energy do we need to exert in order to earn Money? Watch out for more to know details in this episode of Let MoneyContinue reading “Let your Money work for you”

Strengthen our bond with Devotion

Many people think that Philippine Indigenous Spirituality are now gone in the present time; and the names of the Old Filipino Gods are forgotten; and Islam and Christianity dominates our Country. But this statement is not correct because Our God is Alive. Indeed! The Old Filipino God struggles to survive during the time of ColonizationContinue reading “Strengthen our bond with Devotion”

The Golden Tara

“In 1917 after a storm and flood, a 21-carat golden figurine of a female deity of Hindu was found by a Manobo woman on a muddy bank of Wawa River, a tributary of the large Agusan River. This ancient figure seated in lotus position weighs nearly 4 pounds which is the earliest known image identifiedContinue reading “The Golden Tara”

The God with a Mask

It is our motto in Luntiang Aghama that says: “The Wisdom of God gave knowledge to men; and the wisdom of men is to Know God.”; we also believe that we need to attune to the manifestation of the Divine in the place where we grew up and live and not to rely on whatContinue reading “The God with a Mask”

Living to Promote Peace

Money is important now-a-days in maintaining our life. To earn money we do work or business. But as Peace Weaver how do we earn money as we also do Peace Weaving? Watch the whole video to learn more. So in our daily life we need to earn money. Because now-a-days Money is everything. But inContinue reading “Living to Promote Peace”