Spirit Possession

Last Wednesday night I posted a Video on our YouTube Channel as a reaction towards a Spirit Possession that happened during a Live TV Interview. Though this video already gained many reactions from the Netizens and some people ask for our reaction that me and lakay decided to talk about this on our YouTube Channel.Continue reading “Spirit Possession”

We are expanding our Reach

Luntiang Aghama is making effort to reach out many people in any means. From the start of our Ministry which started online, our presence in the cyber world has been innumerable. By just typing the word Luntiang Aghama in your web browser, it will show you numerous sites where we could be found. This yearContinue reading “We are expanding our Reach”

2021 Guidance through Tawas and SiAd Tala

It’s been a custom and tradition among metaphysical and magickal practitioners around the world to provide a Divinatory reading and prediction during the New Year. And this year, we do our part in taking a peak to what is going to happen this New Year of 2021. We did a Live Streaming video broadcast throughContinue reading “2021 Guidance through Tawas and SiAd Tala”

Your Mind does matter

Your mind does matter when we pray. We express our inner most desire in prayer. So what should be in our mind when we pray? Is doubt has a space in praying? Watch out for more to learn. In this modern time, we wake up every day and been been exposed to different social mediaContinue reading “Your Mind does matter”

Mayari: The Supreme God of Equality

According to the Tagalog Mythology, Mayari is the Daughter of Bathala who is the Supreme Ruler of the World and King of the Gods. Mayari is known as the Goddess of Combat, War, Revolution, Hunt, Weaponry, Beauty, Strength, Moon, Night and Equality. She is the Sister of the Goddess of the Star Tala and ofContinue reading “Mayari: The Supreme God of Equality”

Prayer as Language of the Soul

The Dalai Lama have mentioned that we must not rely on Prayer to have world peace and years ago also i have made a video telling that Prayer could not change the world to have peace. But why is that so? Watch throughout the video to learn more. Many people may not agree with meContinue reading “Prayer as Language of the Soul”

Creating our Own Reality

We can avoid frustration, disappointment and even sadness by creating our own Reality in Life. To know how, watch the whole video and start living the reality you can create in Life. In Luntiang Aghama we always remind people to know their own reality as well as fantasy. Reality being the state of the worldContinue reading “Creating our Own Reality”

Releasing our Worries through Prayer

Do you believe in the Power of Prayer? What will happen to us when we pray everyday? Watch the whole video from the beginning to the end to know more. Prayer is a form of communication to the Divine where we express our own thought and emotion to the Divinity. Religions all over the worldContinue reading “Releasing our Worries through Prayer”

We are not Poor

Is having a Big House, Plenty of Money, Beautiful Clothes and lot of material possession are the basis of being rich? Let us find out by watching this video. ***)0(*** ***)0(*** Actually we are not poor, the only thing that is  happening to us is that we are making our life difficult. Like in ourContinue reading “We are not Poor”

Face the Wall

Facing the Wall is a form of class room punishment in schools that aims to teach discipline and focus to the pupils.  This was before as i remember how our teacher discipline naughty and noisy students. Since Facing the wall becomes a classroom discipline when we were young, we have subconsciously brought this discipline asContinue reading “Face the Wall”