The God with a Mask

It is our motto in Luntiang Aghama that says: “The Wisdom of God gave knowledge to men; and the wisdom of men is to Know God.”; we also believe that we need to attune to the manifestation of the Divine in the place where we grew up and live and not to rely on what the modern world provide. In this case, our history have mentioned that prior to the colonization of the Philippines by the Spaniards ancient people in our land have called to our Native God.

We have our God with us!

This is the ultimate reality we have to face that we as Filipino have our own God that is native into our Land and persist to exist even on the spread of the Foreign religion such as Islam and Christianity in our Land. Though our History tell that the religious belief of our Ancestors has an influence of Hindu- Buddhist thoughts that comes from our ancestors trading activities in our neighboring countries during the Srivijaya empire upto the Majapahit empire in the first centuries. But beyond those time there are evidences that our ancestors call upon God even without the influence of other nation and foreign gods.

In this modern time, Wikipedia has become a convenient research tool providing almost all of the information that we need. Specially when it comes to the ancient history, we can find some hint of what had happened in the past. Such as in learning the Pre Colonial Religions in our country and also about the Deities in the Philippines. Though we can find some information written here, what we can find here is not enough to be the basis of our beliefs. We have to dig deeper on a certain subject so that we may understand more about our faith.

Mapulon- God of Seasons. Photo from The Philippines Today

Such as we found the God of Season named Mapulon. It is said that sometimes he is associated as the Deity of good health and medicine. It is believed that Mapulon is the kindest among the Deities (next to Lakapati who is the Goddess of the cultivated land) as he give good seasons and health to mankind by allowing healing herbs to grow in the land which the people will use to treat themselves with the blessings of Mapulon. As we have mentioned that he is the Kindest of the Deities and at the same time he become the husband of Lakapati who is also a kind deity which many people loved as well.

As we continue to know and understand the God Mapulon, we have found this image from the website of The Philippines Today depicting the God Mapulon as a Handsome Man wearing a Mask and a necklace of healing herbs. Personally as i see Mapulon in this depiction, i fall in love with him but there is a question that comes into my mind as i see him: “Why Mapulon wears a mask?”.

Again we utilize this magic box of information and find explanation from a gaming site called SMITE: BATTLEGROUND OF THE GOD.

Name: Mapulon
Title: God of Seasons
Pantheon: Philippine

All mortals, no matter how strong, must bend down before the might of the wind and sun, and in turn, must bow down before its master. Mapulon the Seasonal God controls the sky, and in turn all those who dwell beneath it.

The Sun and the Storm were long considered to be one god within the coastal areas of the Philippines, despite being differing elements in nature. One scorches, while the other floods. Both elements of nature, yet oddly, brings about the essence of new life. The sun may sear the land, yet it brings glorious light into the world, and makes the fragrant flowers bloom. The storm may flood the earth, yet it brings the showers that enriches the verdant jungles. Mapulon knows of this balance, and so he switches the face of the sky, creating seasons.

Each face of the god carry their own personality. So much so, that the god beneath the mask lost his true self. The master enslaved the winds and the sun, but the slaves became the face of their master. Mapulon is not one deity, but two aspects of the same element. The sun and the storm, arm in arm, shall carry out their will. This will be the gods’ last season. “Enjoy the spring, before the fall.”

Well the Ancient God of the Philippines do exist in the Gaming world and for them, the Power of our God is real. But for us now living in this real world, How real is our God to us? This article has a Title of God with a Mask and indeed that God wears a mask so that he could possibly interact with us today.

Because Christians have already demonize our Gods and many people is afraid to come to our Old God because it is not allowed by the ruling religion of this modern days. Even many people have forgotten our Gods, their work never stop. They continually do their work so that we live. Many people of today praises the New God of this World, though once all the Praises and Glory are to our God.

Our God is calling all Filipino now throughout the World. Our God is Alive and have never left us. He just wear a mask so that he will continue to exist and blend in to the modern world like what the Babaylan did during the force conversion to Christianity. But the works of the Babaylan still exist upto this day so as our Anito.

It is time now to uncover the mask and show the world who is the Real Us. Mapulon Exist and bless us every day with the seasons.

Mayari Na!


Published by Apu Adman Aghama

I am the Chief Priest and Founder of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which is a Formal Correllian Wiccan Shrine in the Philippines. I am a Second Degree Clergy of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca; a dedicated member of the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers; and A Correllian Shaman Guide who leads the Orange Feather Camp. My Priesthood in Luntiang Aghama have created several ministries under the Shrine which consist of the Sacerdotal Order of Luntiang Aghama, National Community of Filipino Pagans, Philippine Correllian Aghamic Circle, Templong Anituhan ng Luntiang Aghama (TALA), Peace Prayer Interfaith Ministry, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and Kaduwa Movement Equality through Compassion.

One thought on “The God with a Mask

  1. This is beautifully written!
    Keep going, people of Philippines, know your Deities, talk and return to them. Do not let people force other Deities on you, unless some of you find a meaning in them. Politheism is good for people, everybody can find a Deity that suits them best, or none at all. Nothing is obligatory. Having only one God, and even that one is strictly male, is not good for all. Large segments of the population are left out. Lots of people find no connection or similarity to such a god. Besides, Gods teach us the respect towards the Land, not that the Land is your slave and worthy only of ruthless exploitation. The Land is alive, it breathes and lives and is the most sacred being we have. And your Land is one of the most amazing on the Planet.
    Speaking from Europe where we have very harsh and expensive winters when there is almost no food and one can die without a shelter and it gets dark at 3 pm. Somewhere even before. Winter is extremely expensive. From this perspective you live in a land of dreams.
    Keep going, keep your heritage and connect to the deity that you really feel close to.
    Don’t let them do to you what they did to us in Europe. They also demonised our Deities and land spirits and gave sacred places devilish names.
    I wish you all the best!

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