Living to Promote Peace

Money is important now-a-days in maintaining our life. To earn money we do work or business. But as Peace Weaver how do we earn money as we also do Peace Weaving? Watch the whole video to learn more.

So in our daily life we need to earn money. Because now-a-days Money is everything. But in earning or gaining money, we need to be responsible on how to earn it. We have to consider our Vow in Peace Weaving.

In our Prayer to the Ladder of Peace we say that:

There is One Power in the Universe.

And we are the Perfect Manifestation of that Power.

And for as such we Pray for Peace.

We Pray for Peace. We Pray for Love. and we Pray for Stability.

We Pray that the Whole world to embrace Peace.

Peace that promotes justice;

Justice that follows discipline and orderliness;

Discipline and Orderliness as a result of Understanding;

Understanding as product of Knowledge;

and Knowledge as a Fruit from the seed of Love.

Oh Great Supreme Divine Spirit,

We pray before you to bless us with courage.

Courage that will make Love and Peace to overcome

all forms of Evil, Fear, Hatred, Terror, Violence, Warfare and Worries around the world.

By the Power of Love that give us life,

Peace Prevails on Earth.

May all the creatures of Mother Earth enjoy the Blessings of Love.

May all the People around the world be Blessed with Peace.

Through our Unified Will

and in Full Gratitude to the Divine

with aim no harm to anyone.,

we accept and received it.

And it is so. So Mote It Be!

Mayari Na! PagAsatin!

Through this prayer we are guided on how to live as a Peace Weaver. And in our work or business, we have to follow the virtues imbued into this prayer. We always have to weave peace. Ask your self, do your job and business promotes Justice? Do you discriminate people in your workplace? Do you follow the law of the land? Do you hurt other people or creatures on earth as you do your work or business?

At least in every aspect of your life, see to it if you are weaving peace.

Our ultimate goal is to bring peace on the land, air and seas.

We must allow all beings to co exist with us as the maxim says: “To Live and Let Live.”

We love our Work. We love our Business from it we earn money.

But as we earn our money from our work and business, let us also allow other creatures to live.

Be responsible in every manner we do to promote Peace and all the virtues that been mention in the Ladder of Peace.


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