Get Back to our roots!

We are a non-profit Religious Corporation Sole, advocating the preservation of the Philippines Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs and Practices.

About Us

Our Beliefs

We believe that every individual has their own identity that is unique from the society; and that identity is a sacred gift from the Divine Creator. We believe that our identity is the manifestation of the Divine Power into our life; and this manifestation should be reared and cultivated into each individual lives.

How You Can Help

Send Donation

Your Financial Donation help us fuel our boat to move forward in Promoting Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs and Practices in conducting research in remote places in the Philippines so as in helping out our resource groups to be acknowledge in our Society

Study with Us!

Learning with us allows transfer of knowledge that leads to preservation. The Shrine offers Study on Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Spirituality, Philippine Traditional Ancestral Healing Arts and Sciences, Psychic Development and Wiccan Studies

Become a Member

Membership to the Shrine provides each member an Honorary Title. We offer Filipino Honorific Title of Gat as their preliminary rank until they will ascend to the rank of Lakan/Dayang and Lakay/Bae as the second to the Highest rank that they may achieve before becoming an Apu.


Recent Causes

Visit us at Lot 79 Phase A Francisco Ave. , Brgy. Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. Make sure to contact us first to catch us up to see our Free Time as we are a Working Witch and always on the Go for a Mission.

If you are just in the Philippines you may text or call at +639952467040 or email us at shrine@luntiangaghama.org or through apuadman@landasnglahi.com

We usually accept guest and visitors every Sunday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM as we conduct our Donation Based Healing Services

Be sure to scroll up the map below to see us! We are near First City Providential College besides Berlyn Academy and we are first to see before the Chapel of Iglesia ni Cristo.