Needs and Wants

Do you want to live? or do you just need to live? What is the degree of importance between needs and wants? In this video we are going to talk about wanting and needing.

Before i thought in order to alleviate our suffering is that we need to eliminate our wants and just focus in meeting what we need.  But as a healer i learned through observation that it is also important for us to supply our wants and not only what we need. I learned this during the time i am attending to my Mother’s health. In her case she just need to live because of us and not wanting to have her own life. It is probably she only have little strength and just spend it out up to her last breathe.

Like my mom, there are some people live because they need it. Wanting to live may extend our life longer by giving our self some motivation and excitement into our life. By having set a futuristic goals, we will be eager to strive more to live in order to meet what we want to have in life.

It is not wrong to have wants as long as we will work it out in order to obtain it. Do not live just because you need it, enjoy Life by wanting to live it.

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