Finding your Self Worth

As a Peace Weaver i talk a lot with many people. And most of the time, the people whom i talk to still don’t know how valuable they are. In this video i talk about knowing our self worth and our life purpose.

Watch it from the start until the end and share what do you think about our episode today.

Most people see them selves superior to others and some are inferior. This video will help those people who suffer from inferiority complex. To those people who still do not know what they want to do in life. I have created this video out of the inspiration that happen to me last week. I saw people having difficulty climbing up to the ladder of success.  Most people think that having a lot of money is the basis of success, but in fact everyday we are making our own success stories.

Self Worth might also equate to self confidence in terms of doing your own purpose in life. Each one of us has individual growth goals aside from physical, mental and emotional. In our social life we have our own specialization and uniqueness that make us different from other people. We must see that uniqueness of us and use it to climb the ladder of success.

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