We are not Poor

Is having a Big House, Plenty of Money, Beautiful Clothes and lot of material possession are the basis of being rich? Let us find out by watching this video.



Actually we are not poor, the only thing that is  happening to us is that we are making our life difficult. Like in our previous Message of Peace we have learned that we are the one who create money. But having a lot of money does not make us feel rich. Even the wealthy ones would claim they are poor. Out of the abundance of their money and possession they still feel that they are poor. Having a lot of money gives them also a lot of expenses. So their richness won’t balance from their expenditure.

In fact everyone of us are rich. If we just look within our self our life is enough to live. Our life becomes difficult to live is that when we start to live a different life that is not ours. Our true wealth and richness is not the material possession that humanity creates for themselves. But our True Treasure is the Life we are living here on Earth.

It is not bad to get rich. We can use our life get rich. But getting rich because we want to live the life that we don’t possess is bad.  It is stealing. At least use our Life to live our own life and not to live like how other is living their own life.

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