Releasing our Worries through Prayer

Do you believe in the Power of Prayer? What will happen to us when we pray everyday? Watch the whole video from the beginning to the end to know more.

Prayer is a form of communication to the Divine where we express our own thought and emotion to the Divinity. Religions all over the world have thought all its members to pray, but what will happen to us when we pray everyday?

Since prayer is a form of communication to the Divine, it help us build up relationship with the Divinity and through constant communication our relationship with the Divine are strengthened through the power of Prayer.

A strong relationship with the Divine will leave no space for us to worry, since the relationship that we have build through prayer is not just an ordinary relationship with any human being but we have build a constant communion with the Creator of the Universe. This relationship we have build up made us not just an ordinary Friend of the the Divinity but we have made our self as a devotee. And as a Devotee we are imbued with the quality of the Divinity whom we give our devotion. Such as when we pray everyday, we are dressing up ourselves with the Divinity of the Divine whom we are praying with.

So let us Pray everyday so that our everyday will be Okay!

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