Luntiang Aghama Code of Conduct

An individual Member who is in good standing with the Shrine must possesses a strong family values. The Shrine sees the Family as basic unit in the society where moral values and right conducts are inculcated among its members. The Shrine values respect towards one’s own parents as the Divine’s agent of giving life toContinue reading “Luntiang Aghama Code of Conduct”

Luntiang Aghama Declaration of Faith

  We Believe in One God. We believe that God is manifested in many forms; God is manifested in a form of male and female; young and old; and in multiple aspects as man could understand most. We believe that God is the Creator and the one who instituted life on this world. We believeContinue reading “Luntiang Aghama Declaration of Faith”

Our Ministries

From the Incorporation of the Shrine as a Religious Corporation Sole in the Philippines on the 4th of September 2012, the Shrine have committed in serving its purpose in providing a safe, non-threatening, non judgmental and supportive environment to all our members in expressing their constructive thoughts, ideas, comments, suggestions, prayer (energy) request, and web weavingContinue reading “Our Ministries”