The Binabaylang Tala

Now-a-days people see Babaylan on TV series fantaserye and anime. People claim to be a Babaylan without understanding what is Babaylan.

Babaylan are the Priest of the Old Filipino God. It is a religious Title to a certain person who serve the certain community in the names of the Ancient God of the Philippines. It is not gained but it is earned through service and practice.

We in Luntiang Aghama do not use the title Babaylan to our priesthood but rather choose the title of Binabaylan in respect to the works and sacrifices of the ancient Babaylan.

Aside from the devotion and dedication of the Ancient Babaylan in preserving the old religion, we the modern one felt to be undeserving for the title to use unless we have do something equivalent to what our ancestors have done that even cost their bloods and their life.

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