The Golden Tara

“In 1917 after a storm and flood, a 21-carat golden figurine of a female deity of Hindu was found by a Manobo woman on a muddy bank of Wawa River, a tributary of the large Agusan River. This ancient figure seated in lotus position weighs nearly 4 pounds which is the earliest known image identifiedContinue reading “The Golden Tara”

The God with a Mask

It is our motto in Luntiang Aghama that says: “The Wisdom of God gave knowledge to men; and the wisdom of men is to Know God.”; we also believe that we need to attune to the manifestation of the Divine in the place where we grew up and live and not to rely on whatContinue reading “The God with a Mask”

40 Days after death, why do we observe it?

It’s been 40 days that my Mother passed through the veil. Her Spirit left her Physical Body and now she is living her spirit to the Spiritual Realm. As a Filipino Pagan why do we observe the Catholic Ritual of 40 days after Death? Filipino are most likely are raised through a close family tieContinue reading “40 Days after death, why do we observe it?”

Bakunawa the Filipino Dragon

Remembering the Lesson i learned from Bakuna a Filipino dragon as i channel his message on October 8, 2014 Blood Moon and Total Lunar Eclipse The Spirit of Bakuna, the Dragon Deity of the Underworld is rising and his message are now been channeled. Read now his message to all mankind: ” Brothers and Sisters,Continue reading “Bakunawa the Filipino Dragon”

Angono Petroglyphs

History tells that before Islam and Christianity arrived in the Philippines, Filipino have our own religion that predates Christianity and Islam. The Angono Binangonan Petroglyphs that can be found in the province of Rizal is the remaining testament that proves that our ancestors have our own system in writing. It is said that there areContinue reading “Angono Petroglyphs”