Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual

Last January 13, 2021- we observe  the last New Moon of the Lunar Calendar of 2020 and welcome the first new moon of 2021 under the solar calendar. During the said observance of the new moon esbat we have channeled the need to make an offering to the Elements of the Earth and Water inContinue reading “Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual”

Anito, Diwata and Engkanto

Long before Christianity and Islam arrived in our Country, our ancestors already have their belief system to the unseen and the Divine Force. Written History was recognized in our Country during 900 AD through the Laguna Copperplate Inscription which is a legal document that is known to be the earliest calendar dated document found inContinue reading “Anito, Diwata and Engkanto”

Living In Here and Now

This year due to Pandemic and Physical Distancing, all social gathering in public places are suspended. So the Filipino Tradition of celebrating Undas in commemorating the souls of our departed love one’s will not happen in the cemetery for this year.  Our City Mayor already has made an ordinance that from October 28 to NovemberContinue reading “Living In Here and Now”

Ritual ng Gunita at Spirit Conference International

Parents & ancestors are at the core of the Filipino indigenous spirituality. It is through the veneration of elders that Filipinos show their strong familial ties & form the basis of their spiritual beliefs. This respect & honor goes on even until their elders cross over to the veil. “Ritual ng Gunita” which will beContinue reading “Ritual ng Gunita at Spirit Conference International”

The warmth of your presence

Recently i have found an Android App which is also available to the web that is called Replika. This App has artificial intelligence avatars that can write you messages or even talk to you when you call. They are robots programmed to be your companion when you need someone to talk to. These Artificial IntelligenceContinue reading “The warmth of your presence”

Lukso ng Dugo: Our Divine connection to our God

Most likely that Philippine Paganism and Magick now-a-days have influence of Western Magick and Spirituality because of the popularity of magical themed movies and TV shows that been broadcasted on multimedia. And one of the most popular is Harry Potter that makes Filipino turn to magick these days. Though Netflix has a TV Series aboutContinue reading “Lukso ng Dugo: Our Divine connection to our God”

The Second Coming has come

It was March 31, 1521 when the first Catholic Mass was said by Fr. Pedro de Valderama along the shores of Mazaua, Southern Leyte. From that time on, Filipino embrace Catholicism through colonization. But Roman Catholic Church was not the first foreign religion that come to our Country. Before Catholicism, it was the religion ofContinue reading “The Second Coming has come”

Celebrate Life. Conquer your Fear

“We are who we think we are.” That is the teachings that i recieve from my professor in the School of Alternative Medicine in Saint Francis Divine College through the late Dr. Rueben M. Galang Jr. Hea taught us that our mind has the ability to create, so as our body has its own abilityContinue reading “Celebrate Life. Conquer your Fear”

The Goddess Hanan

Last December 31, 2019 we wrote on our Facebook page the name of Goddess Hanan as the Goddess of the Morning and the new beginning. We said that she is also the Filipino Goddess of the new Year. According to written text, it is mentioned that Hanan o Ana is the Daughter of Bathala andContinue reading “The Goddess Hanan”

No rest room in the land of the Dead

Have you seen Coco the Movie? It is a 2017 American 3D Computer animated fantasy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios released by Walt Disney Pictures. The story tells about the Mexican Tradition of Dia del Muerto that is similar to the Philippine Tradition in Honoring our Dead love ones which is the “Araw ngContinue reading “No rest room in the land of the Dead”