Anitu Tawu

Lately i noticed that we are experiencing rotational water supply and when i ask why it is because the Angat Dam water reserve is below normal level. As i turn on the news i also hear that even scientist are praying for rain to come to add some water to normalize the supply of water in metro manila and nearby provinces such as in our place which is in San Jose Del Monte City, Bulacan.

Now as a witch, i sense the urgency to take action specially even us are also affected by the problem. So i call on the local Diwata in our area which is the protector of the mountain named Dumakulem the Son of Idiyenale-the Diwata of Agriculture and Dimangan who is the Diwata of Good Harvest.

The Diwata that i call is the Diwata of Wind and Rain who is the sister of Dumakulem and the daughter of Idiyenale and Dimangan. Her name is Anitu Tawu.

The Name Anitu Tawu literally means the Spirit within Mankind thus Anitu Tawu is the Goddess of everyone who love and worship her.

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