40 Days after death, why do we observe it?

61359193_921399798214359_4998146381152518144_nIt’s been 40 days that my Mother passed through the veil. Her Spirit left her Physical Body and now she is living her spirit to the Spiritual Realm. As a Filipino Pagan why do we observe the Catholic Ritual of 40 days after Death?

Filipino are most likely are raised through a close family tie and during the time of Death, we would immortalize the soul of our dearly departed through certain rituals to honor the memories of the life of our departed love ones.  The 40 days ritual that we do is not an observance of grief and mourning but a celebration to honor the memories of the life of our departed love one. So after prayers, usually there is feasting.

Food and drinks are prepared for the attendee of the prayer gathering, and this is how the Spirit of the departed partake our offerings of food and drink. During the Forty day Prayer, the spirit feed on the food through the bodies of the attendees.  When the people enjoy the food and drinks, the spirit of the departed have been feed and satisfied. The Prayers allow the spirit to partake the celebration and in some way prepare the Spirit to evolve into a new level of existence.

Since the Spirit of the departed has no Physical body to feed on, so the feed on the Physical Body of the attendees. And when ever a gathering is held in the honor of the departed, their essence can be felt too on the Gathering.


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