Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual

Last January 13, 2021- we observe  the last New Moon of the Lunar Calendar of 2020 and welcome the first new moon of 2021 under the solar calendar. During the said observance of the new moon esbat we have channeled the need to make an offering to the Elements of the Earth and Water in order to obtain balance from the current dominant elements of fire and air. And this coming 29th of January as the moon reaches her peak, we will observe the esbat of the Full moon in preparation to the Sabbat of Imbolc.

On that day of the full moon we will invoke healing for the elements of Earth and Water to bless the agri and aqua cultural products that will sustain the living of mankind as well as to balance the activities of the element of Air and Fire into our lives.

Join us in our Instagram account for our Live observance of the Full Moon through a ritual.

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