Prayer to Anangolay

Probably you have notice that Anangolay is one of my patroness and favorite Diwata as she is the fastest to respond to my Prayers. In Tagalog pantheon of the Diwata she is considered to be tertiary and a Minor Goddess but in Pangasinense pantheon Anangolay is a Male Supreme Diwata with the name Amangoaley orContinue reading “Prayer to Anangolay”

Wiccan Groups in the Philippines

In the History of Philippine Religion, it is only Wicca that I could say that exist magickally and it spread faster among Young People at the coming of the 21st Century. Philippines before the influence of the Hindu/Buddhist Empire which is the Sri Vijaya (7th to 13th Century) and Majapahit Empire which reigns during theContinue reading “Wiccan Groups in the Philippines”

We need to Pray

In this present time of our Generation, People must learn to pray that the light may shine on them and see the beauty of this world. As Filipino, we value prayer not only as a means of communicating to the Divine but also as the Medicine for our soul. We always taught that in Healthcare,Continue reading “We need to Pray”

The works of Babaylan

In the Ancient times, the Babaylan were our Spiritual Leaders. And being a Healer is just one aspect that the Babaylan does. According to some online articles, Babaylans, Katalonan, Mumbaki were Filipino Shamans that are eloquent speakers and are the one who specialized in communicating, appeasing or harnessing the spirits (either spirits of the dead, ancestors,Continue reading “The works of Babaylan”

Living Divinely with the Diwata

Our souls are the expression of our Spirit in order to manifest life within our body. Separating our souls to our body makes it lifeless or dead. Living our life also just to please other people limit us to experience the joy and beauty of life. Our Souls belongs to God our Creator, thus theContinue reading “Living Divinely with the Diwata”

Our Decision allow us to experience

Do not worry if you are doing things correctly, it is through our own decision making ability allow us to experience and learn. What matter is we use our own power to choose what we like to do and be bounded for ever just to please other people according to what they want. In ourContinue reading “Our Decision allow us to experience”

10 of Hearts and Used Face Mask

Happy New Year of 2022! The first day of 2022 falls on the day of Saturday which is the day of rest according to our Jewish and Messianic Brothers which correspond to a Sabbath. But for us we acknowledge this day to be ruled by the planet Saturn. In astrology Saturn represents introspection, learning andContinue reading “10 of Hearts and Used Face Mask”

9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action

It’s already been 9 years since we register Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. as a Religious Corporation Sole in the Philippines. And from that time we have enjoyed so much freedom that we have reached this time of our existence. Our registration to the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission have givenContinue reading “9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action”

Oomancy: Egg Tawas as shared healing tradition

For about a century aside from using paper and candle, Traditional Filipino Healers uses Raw Egg and Glass of water as tool to determine the cause of spiritual illness of an afflicted person. When I presented this into a workshop in 2011 that highlights the healing practices of our Filipino Traditional Healers, one participant fromContinue reading “Oomancy: Egg Tawas as shared healing tradition”

Spiritual Connectivity Issues

Have you made a call on your phone and this is the response you get: The Number you have dialed is either unattended or out of coverage area, please try again later. What if this happens to you when you pray to God? Well it happen to me. Did I tell you that one ofContinue reading “Spiritual Connectivity Issues”