We remember this today

Oh Great Supreme Mighty Spirit, You are who is Lord of all Creations we thank you that at this moment you have awaken the slumbering spirit of Taal Volcano to remind us of your Majestic Glory in the Universe.

Let all being be in awe to your Glory and Honor. May all creature seen and unseen praise your greatness as we celebrate the awakening of our Divine Self through the eruption of Taal Volcano.

Let this natural event remind us that the Earth is alive and all life must be honored and give due respect. It is not only us Human who live in this plane of existence but also the place where we live has their own life that evolve and progresses.

May all the soul who are great and small acknowledge one another presence to live and let live. May this eruption of Taal Volcano give birth to new creation that we may glorify you more in our lives.

All this we pray.

Mayari Na!

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