In times of Darkness, Light will Find us

As Wiccan in the Philippines, gathering in the name of our religion are very rare compared to Christians and Muslims that have regular weekly meet up to worship together. This pandemic also of Covid 19 make it worse by limiting public gathering due to the need for social distancing. From 2019 up to the present … Continue reading In times of Darkness, Light will Find us

Prayer to Anangolay

Probably you have notice that Anangolay is one of my patroness and favorite Diwata as she is the fastest to respond to my Prayers. In Tagalog pantheon of the Diwata she is considered to be tertiary and a Minor Goddess but in Pangasinense pantheon Anangolay is a Male Supreme Diwata with the name Amangoaley or … Continue reading Prayer to Anangolay

We need to Pray

In this present time of our Generation, People must learn to pray that the light may shine on them and see the beauty of this world. As Filipino, we value prayer not only as a means of communicating to the Divine but also as the Medicine for our soul. We always taught that in Healthcare, … Continue reading We need to Pray

Correllian Peace Prayer in Tagalog

I've been a dedicated member of the Correllian Order of Peace weaver for already 9 years since August 27, 2013 and I have prayed this prayer prescribed by the tradition so many times. And through this Prayer, it becomes an Inspiration to me to compose the Ladder of Peace and the Rosary of Peace which … Continue reading Correllian Peace Prayer in Tagalog

Temple of the Diwata

It was our Original Nature to be Hospitable, that was the Character of Datu Bankaw who first welcome MIguel Lopez de Legaspi when the colonizer arrive in Limasawa in 1565 and supplied them what the spaniards have needed; and because of this, King Phlip II, sent a Royal Decree thanking Datu Bankaw for his hospitality … Continue reading Temple of the Diwata

We remember this today

Oh Great Supreme Mighty Spirit, You are who is Lord of all Creations we thank you that at this moment you have awaken the slumbering spirit of Taal Volcano to remind us of your Majestic Glory in the Universe. Let all being be in awe to your Glory and Honor. May all creature seen and … Continue reading We remember this today

Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?

We are already on our 5th day of our Sunrise Peace Prayer Devotion and today we are going to talk about the kind of life that we are living. 2021 Sunrise Peace Prayer Episode 5: Are you a creator or just a reactor? Each new day we are given by the Divine the opportunity … Continue reading Are you a Creator or just a Reactor?

9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action

It's already been 9 years since we register Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. as a Religious Corporation Sole in the Philippines. And from that time we have enjoyed so much freedom that we have reached this time of our existence. Our registration to the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission have given … Continue reading 9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action

Peace Month has Arrived!

Happy 1st Day of September mga Ka Lahi! And today we have started our 2021 Sunrise Peace Prayer Devotion. This is our second year in observing this devotion like last year, we have committed to live stream very early morning to greet the Sunrise with Peace Prayer. For me, this commitment is very important as … Continue reading Peace Month has Arrived!

Magickal Protection: Defense against Dark Arts

From the title of our Article Post it seems that we are coming our from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but it is not. Our Shrine is dedicated on the study and practice of Magick as we preserve and revive the Indigenous Spirituality of our Filipino Ancestors. In this post, I want to share … Continue reading Magickal Protection: Defense against Dark Arts