Hilot Ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Program

Happy New Year mga KaLahi! This 2023, we are so Glad to offer our In Person, Face-to Face Training program which is the Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Certification that is an 8 days training program. Our lessons are conducted in a Traditional setting where learners acquired the skills of Hilot Experientially. This means that lessonsContinue reading “Hilot Ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Program”

First Day of Hilot Training with Lani Brown

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I am very delighted to see people in person and face-to-face specially those whom I met online during the Time of Pandemic. Yesterday, I have welcomed and Hug in person Lani Brown of California. She arrived here in the Philippines last Saturday- January 14, 2023 and she will…

Who is the Filipino counterpart of the God Janus?

Last January 2, 2023- me and Lakay was able to participate in the Calendae Ritual of the Nova Aedes Iani or the New Temple of Janus headed by Lady Elizabeth Hamilton which is our mentor in the Correllian Priesthood path. In the said Ritual we give thanks to the past year and welcome the newContinue reading “Who is the Filipino counterpart of the God Janus?”

2023 Time of coming out in Touching the World with Hilot

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It’s already been 2 years that we are confining ourselves in solitude inside our Homes. Though we are healthy and Covid Free, our confinement have inflected our mind with Anxiety and Depression. Though it was just a mental and emotional frame set up, it can not be avoided…

Rebirthing Hilot at Silang, Cavite

Originally posted on Hilot Academy of Binabaylan:
Yesterday December 16, 2022-We had launch successfully the Hilot Philippines Development Center in Partnership with International School of Sustainable Tourism in the vicinity of International Institute of Rural Reconstruction in Barangay Biga 2, Municipality of Silang in the Province of Cavite. After 2 years of conception, we have…


I remember that is was after the Birthday Celebration of my Father that I sit in front of my Desktop Computer web weaving through the internet searching for a Group that will cater my ignorance about alternative Spirituality as I grow up as Catholic that been converted into the Bible Baptist Church. But before thatContinue reading “22 YEARS OF SHINING THROUGH AND BEYOND”

Beware of the Modern Kolonisador!

December is our Founding Anniversary month as on the 13th of December we started forming our Group as Luntiang Aghama. The whole month signifies a New Begining for us as during this month we observe the new birth of the Sun in celebrating yule so as on the 10th of December, I personally commemorate toContinue reading “Beware of the Modern Kolonisador!”