What is the effect of having too many talisman in your life?

Originally i was asked if it is okay to show off your talisman specially those with Kabal into public or it should be kept hidden and in secret. In the video, i explained the purpose of Kabal which is a talisman made to make the person invincible to any harm either from bullet or swords.Continue reading “What is the effect of having too many talisman in your life?”

We remember this today

Oh Great Supreme Mighty Spirit, You are who is Lord of all Creations we thank you that at this moment you have awaken the slumbering spirit of Taal Volcano to remind us of your Majestic Glory in the Universe. Let all being be in awe to your Glory and Honor. May all creature seen andContinue reading “We remember this today”

Taking our Time

We are almost near to our Finish Line in this month long devotion of 31 days of Practical Spirituality. I have committed performing this nightly devotion in celebration of my 8 years dedication to the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers and also in preparation to our 9th Year Anniversary of Incorporation and Registration of LuntiangContinue reading “Taking our Time”

Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?

We have been asked by our followers about our belief towards suicide and where do people go when they commit suicide. And this video is our answer (which I speak in Tagalog Language): WHERE WILL A PERSON GO WHEN THEY COMMIT SUICIDE? When a person die from any cause, automatically they will be buried andContinue reading “Where will a person Go when they commit suicide?”

Filipino Diwata attends the Correllian Lustration Ceremony this 2021

I’ve been a member of the Correllian Nativist Church of Wicca for almost 15 years now and twice a year, members of the Correllian Tradition gathers every spring and fall to observe the Lustration Ceremony. I dream of participating this Global event but unfortunately due to limitation of finances as well as distance, it didContinue reading “Filipino Diwata attends the Correllian Lustration Ceremony this 2021”

Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader

Tomorrow July 22, 2019 the President of the Republic of the Philippines will deliver his message about the State of the Nation to the House of Representative as it open the 18th Congress of the Philippine Republic. The President might talk of different issues such as China and Philippine Relations, the War on Drugs andContinue reading “Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader”