What is the effect of having too many talisman in your life?

Originally i was asked if it is okay to show off your talisman specially those with Kabal into public or it should be kept hidden and in secret.

In the video, i explained the purpose of Kabal which is a talisman made to make the person invincible to any harm either from bullet or swords. Usually soldiers and those who engage in warfare who often carry this kind of talisman. It is used for protection and in preserving life.

It is like an armour or shield being worn so that your enemy will not have an idea how to defeat you. Once the talisman is exposed been seen, the power of the talisman will be diminished.

In this video i also talked about the effect of having too many talisman at hand. I explained here the effect of talisman in creating energy shield that will block all negative energy to come near you.

But possessing too many talisman, each of it will create their shield and together it will create a thick wall that even good and positive energy will have hard time to get in to you.

So its better to use talisman one at a time.

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