Since we start our Fundraiser campaign on March 9, 2023 with the amount of Php 774,400.00 or USD 13,993.00 in raising funds for the construction of our School Building that is located in Brgy. South Signal Village, Taguig City we already have gathered the amount of USD 350.00 or Php 19,307.75! Special Thanks to our First Quick Responders.

Lady Laurie Denman of Jacksonville, Florida, USA

April Enriquez of Virginia, USA

Dr. Cris Lipat of Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

With these donations in hand, we only have USD 13,643.00 or Php 725,092.25 to gather to reach our Goal!

We intend to gather this amount by April 5, 2023 on the 7th year Anniversary of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, but we will move the date on the 10th of May 2023 as Apu Adman celebrates his 45th Birthday.

This will be a perfect gift to Apu Adman!

March 13, 2023- Another USD 50.00 was added to our Funds, so as of this day we already have USD 400.00 to fill up our USD 13,643.00 Goal, and we still need USD 13,243.00 to complete our campaign.

Thank you Marisses Rocco of Ontario, Canada for adding up your Energy to our School Building!

As of March 23, 2023, we have not receive any donations since March 13, 2023 and our raised amount are stagnant to USD 400.00 and still need USD 13,243.00

But here now is our Ministerial Center Building in Taguig City.

March 30, 2023

We are glad to receive new Donation from our Sister in Taiwan! Thank you very much Maria Elena D. Emen Dayang Alon Aghama. We have received the amount of Php 12,000.00 or USD 221.00 through Gcash this 30th of March 2023. So as of this date we have received the Total amount of USD 621.00 or Php 33,770.00. From this we still need to raise USD 13,379.00 or Php 727,550.00 to reach our goal of USD 13,993.00 or Php 774,400.00.

Thank you very much for all of your Support!

April 29, 2023-UPDATE

We already have used our Building in Taguig as our Training Venue for Hilot Binabaylan Training from April 5-23, 2023 on which we have trained 4 fellow Hilot Binabaylan and they are Kai, Maria, Grace and Carolina.

And through them we have received Php 24,000.00 or USD 433.00. So with that, we have able to raise Php 57,770.00 or USD 1,054.00 which means we still need to raise Php 716,630.00 or USD 12,939.00 in order to complete the required amount of Php 774,400.00 or USD 13,993.00.

May10-18, 2023 Update

An Additional Php 4,000.00 or USD 71.84 was added to our Funds from Kira Tijada as she took our 8 days Hilot Binabaylan Training Course right here in the City of Taguig. Kira was Born and raised in Ontario, Canada but her Family Ancestry is from Aklan and Batanggas.

So with that from May 18, 2023- we already have raised the amount of Php 58,170.00 or USD 1,044.73 which means that we only have to raise another Php 716,230.00 or USD 12,863.49 in order for us to reach our Goal of Php 774, 400.00 or Usd 13,993.00.

And with these we thank everyone for your kind support with us. So, continue to support us by enrolling to our class or availing our services.

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