Destroying the Immortal Soul

Memories come back to the present time to remind us of the lessons we have learned in the past. Today as I look back, I found an important lesson that we should continue to learn and do, and that is the Message of Gaia to us channelled through meditation. Day and Night comes unceasingly. Balancing … Continue reading Destroying the Immortal Soul

Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader

Tomorrow July 22, 2019 the President of the Republic of the Philippines will deliver his message about the State of the Nation to the House of Representative as it open the 18th Congress of the Philippine Republic. The President might talk of different issues such as China and Philippine Relations, the War on Drugs and … Continue reading Luntiang Aghama Appeal to our Government Leader

Living to Promote Peace

Money is important now-a-days in maintaining our life. To earn money we do work or business. But as Peace Weaver how do we earn money as we also do Peace Weaving? Watch the whole video to learn more. So in our daily life we need to earn money. Because now-a-days Money is everything. But … Continue reading Living to Promote Peace

Binabaylang Tala studies Water

For about almost a month we have studied and attuned to the power of Water. Magically water is aligned to the direction of the west; to the astrological sign of Pices, Cancer and Scorpio; In Cartomancy it correspond to the Suits of Cups and Heart; and pyschically it refers to Love, relationship, happiness, harmony, sensitivity, … Continue reading Binabaylang Tala studies Water