Being Adult

Do you have regrets in becoming adult? do you miss a lot of your childhood days? On this video i talk about the situations of being adult. The problems we encounter in life as an adult and the ways on how we will overcome this daily challenges of life.

What i realize in this Video is that the fact that being adult is the most loneliest phase of Human Life. But aside from loneliness in Life, my mother remind me that as an Adult we already know how to stand and to walk with our own feet. We also have our own hands to work with. We speak up what we think, and through our action we may receive our own rewards or punishment.

We are the one who create, re create and co create our lives. Loneliness is Real but Happiness is also real. It is now our choice to live our life. Now which life do you choose to live? A Lonely life or a Happy Life?

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