Where is the Diwata Now-a-Days?

Since Colonization of Spain, the Old Filipino Gods known as the Diwata together with its Babaylan are forgotten except to Bathala who was incorporated to the Christian who is the Divine Mercy and to Islam Allah which Bathala represents the House of Allah.

In this video i talked about why spend time seeing the spirit and how the spirit been seen by psychics and paranormal investigator. And on the second part we talk how Luntiang Aghama and its members keep our Faith to our God.

Comparing to the Great Modern Religion of this time which is Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hindu and Buddhism; the Faith of their follower can be derived from the written books that could strengthen their beliefs in their God; Where as on Pagan religion such as ours in Luntiang Aghama- our Faith was not written on Books but foretold through experience.

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