Why need to build a New Ministerial Center?

For 23 years since December 13, 2000- Luntiang Aghama does it’s work in San Jose Del Monte City in the Province of Bulacan. From that time we provide donation based healing whether be it from Physical ailments to Psycho-Emotional Dis- Ease. That is the reason we seek for Recognition on 2012 that we registered ourContinue reading “Why need to build a New Ministerial Center?”

Let us Rebuild Houses in Siargao Islands.

Last week Typhoon Rai (Odette) have struck the Island of Siargao and our Ancestral Home together with our neighbors have been affected. Most of our neighbors are related to one another as the Barrio Esperanza Del Carmen is the place where the Comon Clan originated. This typhoon was the second time that it hit soContinue reading “Let us Rebuild Houses in Siargao Islands.”

9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action

It’s already been 9 years since we register Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. as a Religious Corporation Sole in the Philippines. And from that time we have enjoyed so much freedom that we have reached this time of our existence. Our registration to the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission have givenContinue reading “9 Years of Incorporating our Faith into Action”

Is Fortune Telling a Crime in the Philippines?

I have seen a video clip at Tiktok which circulate the Video of Raffy Tulfo in Action that talks about charging a criminal case against a social media famous psychic. This comes from a complainant that is in Japan against this Socia Media Psychic that gives false prediction. Raffy Tulfo who is the host ofContinue reading “Is Fortune Telling a Crime in the Philippines?”

Hilot Virtual Stage Play by UP Repertory Company

It was June 5, 2021 when I received an Email from The UP Repertory Company that invites us to become a Co Presenter of their Stage Play that will highlight the practices of Filipino Ancestral Healing Arts and Science. At first, the Title of their stage play was “ALBULARYO” with the theme of : “Atras-Abante:Continue reading “Hilot Virtual Stage Play by UP Repertory Company”

We are expanding our Reach

Luntiang Aghama is making effort to reach out many people in any means. From the start of our Ministry which started online, our presence in the cyber world has been innumerable. By just typing the word Luntiang Aghama in your web browser, it will show you numerous sites where we could be found. This yearContinue reading “We are expanding our Reach”

Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual

Last January 13, 2021- we observe  the last New Moon of the Lunar Calendar of 2020 and welcome the first new moon of 2021 under the solar calendar. During the said observance of the new moon esbat we have channeled the need to make an offering to the Elements of the Earth and Water inContinue reading “Healing the Elements Full Moon Ritual”

Freedom of Religion has been tested

Our Shrine was established and recognized on September 4, 2012 by the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission through the the power of the Corporation code of the Philippines or Batas Pambansa 68 that was approved on May 1, 1980. In this code, On Title 13 Chapter 2 Section 109 states that: Religious corporations may beContinue reading “Freedom of Religion has been tested”

Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair of 2020

Join us on Friday May 22, 2020 from 7 am to 11am Philippine Standard Time for the Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair. This will be the very first Psychic Festival that will be participated by over 20 Psychic Readers around the world and at the same time a 100 hour of telethon Workshop and activity thatContinue reading “Inaugural Correllian Psychic Fair of 2020”

How to pray the Peace Rosary using the Ladder of Peace

I am so grateful to the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca for giving me the opportunity to share to everyone my devotion in Praying for Peace at the Global Correllian Spring Lustration of the Ancestors 2020 done via. Zoom App. This was my first time to the attend the Lustration and I can’t imagine thatContinue reading “How to pray the Peace Rosary using the Ladder of Peace”