Words of Power

Words of Power are words that we use to activate the intention we compose whether in a Prayer or Spells. It is like an activation code or password so that you can start to enjoy what you expressed to the universe to have.

Such as in Christian, Jewish and Islamic Prayer they use the word “Amen/ Ameen” at the end of their prayer. In Christian congregation during a conversation or preaching, the word “Amen” is said when people agree to the one who speaks.

In Wicca, instead of the word “Amen” we use instead the word “SO MOTE IT BE” which means “may it happen” or “It will be done”. It is an affirmative word as a responsive agreement to what have been stated in a spell or invocation.

As a Filipino Wiccan, in our spells and prayers, we have our own word of power to use and that is the word: “Mayari Na!”. The word Mayari is derived from the Filipino Goddess of the Moon that belongs to the Katagalugan Pantheon. Mayari is also known as a Supreme Deity of the Zambal Tribe that dwells on Mount Pinatubo and the local Aetas of the area called Mayari as Apung Malyari.

The word Mayari in Luntiang Aghama is a word of power that we use instead of the word “Amen” or “So mote it Be!”. As we understand the word Mayari to mean as: The Owner, The Creator, The one that has genitals, and the one who can make things happen. Whether Mayari be seen as a God or Goddess, the power of the name of Mayari will bring into manifestation the desires of our heart.

Mayari Na!

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