Watch “All is Good!” on YouTube

This video is about the battle of the two wolves according to the Cherokee Myth as a grand father told this story to his grand child; and this battle goes everyday inside of every living person. And the grand child ask who won in this battle, and the grand dad replied that the one who win is the one whom you always feed.

In this story the battle of the two wolves portray the battle of good and evil; and the one who wins in this battle is the one that we usually feed.

As i contemplate on this story i realized that for instance if i feed the evil wolf, that wolf will become kind and tame to me. And for me who feed the wolf that become tame and kind will be no longer evil but considered to be good.

I see that there is a lesson here that we could practice everyday. The compassionate act of sharing and giving food to the bad wolf will transform it to be kind and good. As we continue to feed the good wolves and transformed the bad wolf into good then every thing becomes good.

Compassion and kindness will transform evil into good. As a person, we have the power of compassion and kindness.

These powers we have are inate to all of us. Our heart drive us to be compassionate that make us also to be kind. Working everyday in compassion and sharing it to all people around us will transform this world into a better place to live in.

That is why we encourage people to pray for peace everyday as it transform us to be more compassionate to every person and live our life in Peace.

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