Changing our Signage of the Shrine

For years we have used this signage as a landmark of our Shrine. It has been beneficial to the public on letting them know that we exist and provide services to the general public within our Community. Though our Shrine seems strange for them, but to those who are seeking it becomes a refuge ofContinue reading “Changing our Signage of the Shrine”

Prayer to Anangolay

Probably you have notice that Anangolay is one of my patroness and favorite Diwata as she is the fastest to respond to my Prayers. In Tagalog pantheon of the Diwata she is considered to be tertiary and a Minor Goddess but in Pangasinense pantheon Anangolay is a Male Supreme Diwata with the name Amangoaley orContinue reading “Prayer to Anangolay”

Teaching about making offerings

As i notice that almost all religion around the world teaches about making offering. And the offerings that they give to the Deity empowers them. As people being empowered, i notice that the flow of offering doesn’t stop as well. I first learned making offering when i was still a Christian through the teaching ofContinue reading “Teaching about making offerings”

How do we build our Faith in the Deity?

It was through Hilot or the Philippine Traditional Medicine where i was introduced to the worship of the Old Filipino Gods and Goddesses as i search for the Filipino Deity of Healing. That was in 2010 when i found Kilubansa on Internet as he was described being the Filipino God of Healing and the FatherContinue reading “How do we build our Faith in the Deity?”

The Goddess Hanan

Last December 31, 2019 we wrote on our Facebook page the name of Goddess Hanan as the Goddess of the Morning and the new beginning. We said that she is also the Filipino Goddess of the new Year. According to written text, it is mentioned that Hanan o Ana is the Daughter of Bathala andContinue reading “The Goddess Hanan”