Teaching about making offerings

As i notice that almost all religion around the world teaches about making offering. And the offerings that they give to the Deity empowers them. As people being empowered, i notice that the flow of offering doesn’t stop as well.

I first learned making offering when i was still a Christian through the teaching of Tithing. Tithing was encouraged by my former pastor to us to give as form of support to the ministry of the Church. The Bible has a promise that anyone who bless the minister of the Church shall also be Blessed. So as a Good Christian, i do tithing. But prior to Tithing, our ancestors makes offering as well. Specially after doing Tawas. The Atang that you made becomes a medicine for the individual who make offense to the unseen spirits. To some people, they make offerings to make their magickal tools alive such as the “pakain”. Usually for people doing Lihim na Karunungan- the Pakain are in a form of Orasyon that is spoken in Latin. This will empower the items. Aside from this, making offering also create a bond to the person and the one who is being offered. But most importantly, what I learned in making offering, it teach us to have a Wealthy Mindset that allow us to have the ability to give and not only to receive.

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