Filipino Pagan Priest

Hi all! Merry Meet! I am Rev. Rolando Gomez Comon aka Apu Adman Aghama. I am a First Degree Correlian and Chief Priest of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healinc In which is the First Correllian Formal Shrine that has been Incorporated and Recognized in the Philippines. Though being recognized as a legalContinue reading “Filipino Pagan Priest”

Temple of the Diwata

It was our Original Nature to be Hospitable, that was the Character of Datu Bankaw who first welcome MIguel Lopez de Legaspi when the colonizer arrive in Limasawa in 1565 and supplied them what the spaniards have needed; and because of this, King Phlip II, sent a Royal Decree thanking Datu Bankaw for his hospitalityContinue reading “Temple of the Diwata”

Is it the End of Time?

These days we can hear many prediction from a rising star psychics on Live Streaming Apps and Social Media that talk about apocalypse and the end of the world. Though I first hear it from the Christian Church about the Second Coming of Christ as the End of the World. Luntiang Aghama have already taughtContinue reading “Is it the End of Time?”

We already have our YouTube Community Tab

We started our Youtube channel on May 18, 2009 and last week December 1, 2021 we have reached our 500 subscriber milestone that have given us a new feature on our Channel to have a Community Tab. What does it mean to have a Community Tab? We all know that YouTube is a platform forContinue reading “We already have our YouTube Community Tab”

Hilot Virtual Stage Play by UP Repertory Company

It was June 5, 2021 when I received an Email from The UP Repertory Company that invites us to become a Co Presenter of their Stage Play that will highlight the practices of Filipino Ancestral Healing Arts and Science. At first, the Title of their stage play was “ALBULARYO” with the theme of : “Atras-Abante:Continue reading “Hilot Virtual Stage Play by UP Repertory Company”

How to determine if your third eye is open?

Is your third eye open? Can you see spirits and ghost? Is it scary to have your 3rd eye open? There are a lot of questions that been sent to us by our followers at TikTok so as many people have tried to answer it. In this video, I am sharing to everyone my experienceContinue reading “How to determine if your third eye is open?”

Pinoy Witch Talk discuss about seeing the devil

I created new Playlist in our Youtube channel in answering questions from our email sender and the Playlist title is PINOY WITCH TALK. and recently i answered a question that He is seeing a devil. And this is my video response: Well the email sender is an artist and he draw and made an animationContinue reading “Pinoy Witch Talk discuss about seeing the devil”