Hilot Virtual Stage Play by UP Repertory Company

It was June 5, 2021 when I received an Email from The UP Repertory Company that invites us to become a Co Presenter of their Stage Play that will highlight the practices of Filipino Ancestral Healing Arts and Science. At first, the Title of their stage play was “ALBULARYO” with the theme of : “Atras-Abante: Pasakalye sa loob at labas ng Sakit at Lunas.” but after I made a phone call with them, they have decided to change the title of their stage play into Hilot.

The aim of this Virtual Stage Play is to tell the stories of our Traditional Filipino Healer throughout times starting from the Pre Colonial Period up to the present times of the Pandemic of Covid 19. As of writing this blog, i am viewing the full working script of the said stage play which excites me as it does not only show our own naratives but also they have managed to gather the stories of other Filipino Healers and their memories of our very own Hilot.

Click on the Image to Like and Follow the FB Page of The UP Repertory Company

For more information about this Virtual Stage Play about Hilot, Kindly Like and Follow their Facebook Page by clicking on the Image Above. And please do also consider supporting them through donating any amount to encourage them to create more stage play like Hilot.

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