Celebrating Earth Day 2022

This planet we call Earth has been very accommodating to us since the first day we land on its surface. We were welcomed by two lovely creatures that we call as Parents that introduce us to a lot of things we could see. That moment of our arrival is called birth and our existence in this planet is called living.

Indeed that this planet allow us to live as we move, grow and expand to experience what this planet is giving us everyday. But the question now is this, will the planet Earth that we know before is the same planet we have today and tomorrow?

Everyday as we grow, like snakes we shed our skin. So as our planet wears off her beauty. Sad to say the beauty of the Earth does not wear off naturally, but through the work of human existence.

This year theme for Earth Day 2022 is Together we invest in our planet. So what does this mean to us? For me, Investing means that I will give out certain amount of money that later on I will gain profit. This means i need to make certain effort by giving it out to produce more benefit on later days.

As of writing this article, the current situation that i experience is the plastic waste that been produced by local business owners in our neighborhood such as the Milk Tea Shop and sari sari (convenience store) . As i notice these business establishments are the one who is fast in producing plastic waste on the street.

In this video, I talked about the nature of dry leaves when it falls in the ground it will be absorbed by the soil and transform it as natural fertilizer. But due to progress and modernization, some ground has become concrete and cemented, so when it falls to the ground it will just be a litter. Due to the human desire to have progress, we get portion of the land to cement it to become concrete. This allow us to have roads and side walk for pedestrians, but now the leaves that is going to fall in the ground will not be converted anymore as fertilizer unless there will be someone to pick it up and bring it to the soil. Here we see that if we want to progress, we should also have responsibility. We have taken the part of the land so we have to pay for the consequences that we make. But let us not wait for the greater consequence to come, at least as of now we can modify our ways and instead of consequence, we will receive reward.

Actually we can work out now to receive that rewards.

And that is through planting. During the eve of new year, we have offered grains and fruits to our prosperity altar as we eat the fruits we set aside their seeds and plant it. Now i have sprouted mandarin, mangustin and ginger. I know in time I could harvest these fruits that will give us prosperity.

Published by Apu Adman Aghama

I am the Chief Priest and Founder of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which is a Formal Correllian Wiccan Shrine in the Philippines. I am a Second Degree Clergy of the Correllian Nativist Tradition of Wicca; a dedicated member of the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers; and A Correllian Shaman Guide who leads the Orange Feather Camp. My Priesthood in Luntiang Aghama have created several ministries under the Shrine which consist of the Sacerdotal Order of Luntiang Aghama, National Community of Filipino Pagans, Philippine Correllian Aghamic Circle, Templong Anituhan ng Luntiang Aghama (TALA), Peace Prayer Interfaith Ministry, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan and Kaduwa Movement Equality through Compassion.

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