Song to Mayari Transcribed and Translated

Song to Mayari- The Moon Goddess

Just received an email asking to learn more about prayers and rituals on Philippine Indigenous Spiritual Beliefs, and we are glad that Luntiang Aghama have reached out our fellow Filipino in Diaspora. So here now is the transcription and Translation of this ritual chant composed by Apu Adman Aghama our First Chief Priest.

Mayari! Mayari!

Mayari! Mayari!

Kabilugan ng Buwan (Full Moon)

Tanglaw sa Gabi (Torch at Night)

Liwanag mong Taglay (The Light you have)

Masulyapan lagi ( may we see all the time)

Kami ay nagdiriwang ( We are celebrating)

Sa iyo nagbubunyi ( in your honour)

Sa Himig ng Awit ( In the melody of Song)

at Papuri (And Praise)

Mayari! Mayari!

Mayari! Mayari!

Diwata ng Buwan (Deity of the Moon)

Ikaw ang May Ari ( You are the Owner)

Nitong Sansinukuban na iyong Yari ( of this Universe that you created)

Karagatan ( The Oceans), Kalupaan (The Earth) at ng Kalangitan ( and the skies)

Kadakilaan mo (Your Glory)

sa amin ay maghari ( will reign on us)

Mayari! Mayari!

Mayari! Mayari!

Kabilugan ng Buwan (Full Moon)

Tanglaw sa Gabi (Torch of the Night)

Liwanag mong Taglay ( The Light that you have)

Sa akin ay nagpangiti (makes me smile)

Kaya ako’y umaawit ( the reason why I sing)

Sa iyo nagpupuri (praises to you)

Kadakilaan mo (Your Greatness)

sa akin ay naghari (reigns on me!)

Ari Ma (Owner) Yari Ma (Creator) Hari (King/God) Mayari (Chant it 7 times)

Mayari ( Chant it 4 times)

For me as the composer of this chant, I see Mayari not only as a Goddess but also as a God. We in Luntiang Aghama see Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Deities beyond gender thus making them supreme to all creatures. This ritual song can be chanted during the full moon ritual, but it can also be used in daily invocation for the Guidance, Blessings and Protection of the God/dess Mayari.

Use Ari Ma Yari Ma Hari Mayari all the time and see the magick in your life.

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