Working with the Spirits

Are you a Spiritual Worker? Why do we need to Work with the Spirit and are the Benefits it provides you in working with the Spirit? Watch the Whole Video to know the answers.

As a Peace Weaver we are working with the Spirit and that is the Spirit of Peace to be with us in any situation that bother us. Working with the Spirit allow us to be capable to pass through the limitation of our body, emotion and mind through time and space. As Human being we are bounded to limitation and these limitation bind us to suffer. But through Spiritual working we are strengthen to endure and over pass the obstacle that been presented to us with the situations we encounter in our daily life.

People might think of Spiritual Working to be a dangerous job. They might think of contacting of malevolent spirit such as ghost, demons and elemental spirits to be a Spiritual Worker. But simply Praying for Peace is a form of Spiritual Working which we call on Positive Energies to take affect in order to improve our lives. Spirits are Energies that is not created nor can be destroyed but it can change form. So as when you watch a Horror movie that a demon can be killed with a Cross or Holy Water but in reality it is not. Demons are energy that can be transformed. Such as the Situation that we are into can be transformed into Positive from negative. Prayer is one of the best way to transform our situation from something bad into good. So instead of mocking and complaining about your bad situation that you are experiencing, why not Pray for sure it will work.

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