Balancing our Physical Body to our Spirit

Our Body is made up of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the imbalance between the elements makes illness thus limit us to live in optimum health and wellness. Working to balance our body in harmony with the spirit help us to overcome the limitation of our body thus we obtain toContinue reading “Balancing our Physical Body to our Spirit”

Dealing with our Lower Self

Working with the spirit help us overcome the boundaries and limitation of our existence. In everyday life we are living multiple lives and reality. Today in our Peace Weaving we are going to talk about the different realities we live as well as on how to deal with our lower selves.   Everyone of usContinue reading “Dealing with our Lower Self”

Working with the Spirits

Are you a Spiritual Worker? Why do we need to Work with the Spirit and are the Benefits it provides you in working with the Spirit? Watch the Whole Video to know the answers. As a Peace Weaver we are working with the Spirit and that is the Spirit of Peace to be with usContinue reading “Working with the Spirits”