Living your days

Many things had happen to us this 2019 and we are grateful to be alive to live the remaining days of 2019 as we prepare to welcome the Year 2020. Watch the whole video to learn my thoughts on living the days in our life.

We are alive indeed. This is why we can all watch this video and hear the messages that we make in this channel. The life that we have is of our own as it was given to us by our Ancestors and the Divine.  But the experiences we live is our choice whether it be bad or good one. As we live the remaining days of 2019, let us choose to live well and plan ahead of time what experiences we want to welcome on the year 2020. In our daily life, we can not avoid attachments to people that live together with us. We meet new people and experience how they are living their life. So as we as people get to know us, our life can bring inspiration to them. So everything will depend on your choice on how to live your life. It is not only your life that can be good but as you live a good life you can also influence other people to live a good life as how you are living it.

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