The Datu. The Fishermen and the Star

Templong Anituhan ng Luntiang Aghama

This is the Message for us by our #KapwaTarot this new moon of 9 September 2018.

To be seated in power you must learn how to rule your self before ruling out our community. Become a Master of our own selves before becoming a Master of many people. This is what the Datu is teaching us. To trust our own selves and promote peace.

There is strength in Unity is what the firshermen is teaching us. There are many fish that they caught on their net and they need strength to pull up the fishes. Know your strength. Determine your weaknesses and strengthen. Pull dont give up. Rest for a while and gather all your strength and ater that you will be rewarded with honor and glory as the Stars is showing to us.

Shine in the midst of darkness. Be the guide at night. This is what the Stars…

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