Taking our Time

We are almost near to our Finish Line in this month long devotion of 31 days of Practical Spirituality. I have committed performing this nightly devotion in celebration of my 8 years dedication to the Correllian Order of Peace Weavers and also in preparation to our 9th Year Anniversary of Incorporation and Registration of LuntiangContinue reading “Taking our Time”

There is Harmony in Diversity

Last night i filmed an Episode for Peace Prayer TV taking about our individual differences and how we can come together and be united as a Whole. This is one of my ministry in Luntiang Aghama which is to weave peace by sharing the message of Peace. As we all aware that ALL LIVES MATTER,Continue reading “There is Harmony in Diversity”

Change is Constant

2nd Day of June 2020 and we are reminded by the wisdom of our Higher Self through our young self the following: If you think that living your life becomes a daily routine- Stop! and think for a while. You are missing the beauty and wonders of living your life in this world. Sorrow, loneliness,Continue reading “Change is Constant”

Life is short compared to eternity

In 2013 we have channeled the Divine and gave us an inspiration to be always reminded of. And today, that inspiration comes again as memory and now may everyone recieve its blessings as we qoute it here. “Life on this plane is short lived compared to the eternity of the infinite soul. Each moment mustContinue reading “Life is short compared to eternity”