Life is short compared to eternity

In 2013 we have channeled the Divine and gave us an inspiration to be always reminded of. And today, that inspiration comes again as memory and now may everyone recieve its blessings as we qoute it here.

“Life on this plane is short lived compared to the eternity of the infinite soul. Each moment must be cherished. Each time is a treasure that must be spent. Life as it was given to men is perfectly good. All has been provided already and mans only part is live on it. No man can breathe for other man, nor man to live the life for other being.

This world where we live teaches us how to live our life well. As a civilized and educated men we know that man dont eat fellow humans. We eat the fruits of the labor of our hands.

We are a well equipt being that has the capacity to do with our free will. And with that we use it well.”

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