We need to Pray

In this present time of our Generation, People must learn to pray that the light may shine on them and see the beauty of this world. As Filipino, we value prayer not only as a means of communicating to the Divine but also as the Medicine for our soul. We always taught that in Healthcare, … Continue reading We need to Pray

Celebrating the Season in strengthening our Connection with our Ancestors

Philippines does not have snow but it does not mean that we are not affected by the Winter Solstice. Christmas has been brought to us by spain as they introduce Christianity in 1521 and Filipino celebration of Christmas starts from September 1 upto the last days of January. Though originally Filipino are non Christian but … Continue reading Celebrating the Season in strengthening our Connection with our Ancestors

21 years of service as Filipino Pagan Priest

It is my child hood dream to become a priest, but when my parents know about my dream of becoming a priest they refused me of it specially my paternal grandparents. I still remember when they said no to my dreams of becoming a priest because i am the only boy in the family that … Continue reading 21 years of service as Filipino Pagan Priest

Regulation on Fortune Telling

Is there a Right age where we can give our Fortune Telling services to a client? I made a video answering that question as i notice that in our Live Streaming Sessions there are lot of people who want yo avail it during our session. Though Fortune Telling is one of the Religious Services we … Continue reading Regulation on Fortune Telling

How to determine if your third eye is open?

Is your third eye open? Can you see spirits and ghost? Is it scary to have your 3rd eye open? There are a lot of questions that been sent to us by our followers at TikTok so as many people have tried to answer it. In this video, I am sharing to everyone my experience … Continue reading How to determine if your third eye is open?

Raising our Energy Vibrations

I receive question asking How we can raise our energy vibrations. This email sender have been told that we should learn how to manipulate our own energy vibrations and if we do not, we will remain grounded here on Earth. As how I understand his question, it seems that he is pertaining to Spiritual Ascension … Continue reading Raising our Energy Vibrations

Ritual Use of Baybayin: A commentary of Netflix Series “TRESE”

Netflix have surprised many people around the world specially the Filipino's in Diaspora. It is because of their extravagant marketing strategy of their new series called Trese. https://youtu.be/XL28YYEuPlY Last May, Jamee who is our Fellow Hilot Binabaylan who serves in Maryland, USA just recommend us to read the comics titled "Trese" which we could purchase … Continue reading Ritual Use of Baybayin: A commentary of Netflix Series “TRESE”

We are now Officially LuntiangAghama.Org!

On May 21, 2020 our Shrine have signed up for G Suite for Education. This is the reason why we have our new Domain Name as LuntiangAghama.Org. This means that whenever you want to drop by to our Shrine Website, all you need to do is to type in LuntiangAghama.Org in your web browser instead … Continue reading We are now Officially LuntiangAghama.Org!

We are building community

Communication allow us to express our selves to the world by sharing our thoughts and feelings that people could understand. Through communication we are creating a community of like minded people. Watch for video to learn more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsIY2ZtHg6M&t=264s As we engage our selves to express our thoughts and feelings through communication, we are connecting to … Continue reading We are building community

Do you want to become a witch?

When you google the word witch this image and definition you will found.  The word "witch" is a noun pertaining to a woman thought to have magic powers, specially evil ones, popularly depicted as wearing black cloak and pointed hat and flying in a broom stick. In reality, Witches can be anyone from woman to … Continue reading Do you want to become a witch?