A Question about Covid 19 Vaccination

First of all thank you to everyone who are sending email to us who are asking for prayers. Rest assured that all of your names and concerns are being prayed for every day. So we hope that we hear from you again if you already have received the results of our petitions.

Last night I received a question that is sent through our message form found in our website and his question is this:

I have a serious question about the covid vaccine. I cannot take it and do not believe in the covid vaccine. What is your belief? Are you against the covid vaccine? Also, are you against all western medicine and vaccines? I am against it. Thank you.


I am grateful that you value my opinion and beliefs regarding to what is happening to everyone around the world, and with that i created a video explaining my stand regarding covid 19 vaccination. My welcoming note in this video is in tagalog, but my response and explanation are spoken in English as the original question was written in English.

In this video, i explain first my role as a Chief Priest of the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama, and my duty as a Chief Priest are concerning the Spiritual Growth and Development of our members. Though as a Shrine, we are also promoting Traditional and Indigenous Spirituality and Healthcare, it does not mean that we are against the allophatic and conventional medicine which are the modern medicine.

In our Teaching at Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we teach that Allopathic Doctors also part from the Generations of Healers. They are also ordained by the Divinity to take care of the life force within the Human Kind. They belong to the Fourth Generation which is the result of evolution of mankind.

Since Covid 19 is a disease that affects the Physical Body of a Human Being, therefore we as Member of Luntiang Aghama respect the role of Modern Medical professional in taking care of the Health of Humanity.

Traditional and Indigenous Medicine has its role too in taking care of the life force within Human Being but most likely our Natural Medicine is empowered by our Faith.

Since as a Living Human being that is still in our Physical Body, Our Government (the Mundane World) is responsible and liable for our Health as well. They have this Divine Task to protect and secure Life of Humanity and not destroy it.

As member of Luntiang Aghama, we recognize Death is just around us and anytime, we will come to die and be transported into the spiritual realms. So the duties and responsibilities of the Priest and Priestess of our Shrine is to prepare the Souls of our Members when the time has come for them to be reborn in the Spiritual Realms.

As Human Being and a member of the Mundane Society, I have an obligation to respect the laws of the land as prescribed also by our ancestors. This World Government may have control over our Physical Body, but the Hope of All that have been Called by the Divine to walk on the Path of our Race is our Faith in the Other World that there is a Spiritual Plane of Existence that our soul will not be inflicted anymore with any physical pain and illness.

I my self is vaccinated too. And there is nothing to worry about because our Soul is eternal!

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