Pinoy Witch Talk discuss about seeing the devil

I created new Playlist in our Youtube channel in answering questions from our email sender and the Playlist title is PINOY WITCH TALK. and recently i answered a question that He is seeing a devil. And this is my video response:

Well the email sender is an artist and he draw and made an animation of what he saw. I am amazed first with his talent showing me through animation of the process of illustrating what he saw. But what does it mean when a person saw the Devil? Does it really mean that the Devil Shows Up?

Like what I have said, that this person is an Artist. And most of his work is based on his personal imagination and his interpretation of what he see in his mind. But that does not mean that we dismiss what he saw that it is not real. Remember that Imagination is one of the Faculty or ability of the Mind. And our mind dwells outside our brain as it has its origin from the Greek Word Psyche which also means a Spirit. So what he see is a by product of his mind or the spirit.

So does that mean He really see the Devil?

Well, I may Say Yes. But what he saw is his personal interpretation of his own Devil. As all of us has our inner Devil or Demon to represent our Lower Selves as well as our own personal Guardian Angel to represent our Higher Selves. So what our email sender have seen is a real demon for him as he illustrate his personality on his artwork.

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