Are you trending and in demand?

This is our Podcast Episode for today at Apu’s Lair which you can hear at Anchor.FM and distributed at Apple’s Podcast, Breaker, Google Podcast, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public and Spotify.

Many of us are exerting too much effort just to solicit thumbs up and heart emoji just to know that people like and love us. We are too much concerned with what is in demand and trending and we want to ride that trend so that we do not left behind. But with riding on the trend and what is in demand, do you think that you are gaining for your self? Or you are buying that look so that you can look like to be someone else?

This behavior of riding the wave of what is trending is killing our self identity and glorifying others that we are imitating to be like. Listen to our episode today and learn how to appreciate and become trending to your self.

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