Living In Here and Now This year due to Pandemic and Physical Distancing, all social gathering in public places are suspended. So the Filipino Tradition of celebrating Undas in commemorating the souls of our departed love one’s will not happen in the cemetery for this year.  Our City Mayor already has made an ordinance that from October 28 to … Continue reading Living In Here and Now

Are you trending and in demand?

This is our Podcast Episode for today at Apu's Lair which you can hear at Anchor.FM and distributed at Apple's Podcast, Breaker, Google Podcast, Overcast, Pocket Cast, Radio Public and Spotify. Many of us are exerting too much effort just to solicit thumbs up and heart emoji just to know that people like and … Continue reading Are you trending and in demand?

No ID! No Entry! Today we are going to talk about the things that rule your life. Yes this pandemic has brought us many things. Too many hearsay. To many policies that forbid us to do things and only left us to stay at home. Yes the outside world gives us too much craziness in life, but we … Continue reading No ID! No Entry!