15341 days of Life and Existence

Fourty Two (42) Years ago on May 10, 1978 by 3:00 AM my mother Raquel Payco Gomez- Comon gave birth to her second child and only Son which they named after to his Husband Rolando Dolar Comon which is my Father.

This child of Rolando Dolar Comon and Raquel Payco Gomez Comon becomes their Son and a brother not only to Abigail Gomez Comon-Dizon but also to Julie Anne Gomez Comon and Emerie Jorge Gomez Comon. As time pass by as growth comes to his being, his role of being a Son and a brother grows wide as he also becomes a Friend, Mentor and an Uncle. Yes! I am an uncle to AJ, Carl Denzel, Anthony and Luis Jam. And still even my mother is gone, i will remain as a Son to my Father who is the remaining parents that i have.

My existence brought many challenges into my life and together with these challenges are the blessings of Life. Today i did not expect to have a party because i have no money to prepare food for the party. But my sisters have made me glad and surprise me with a simple lunch party.

My 42 years of existence challenge me to live my life to be who i am and what i am. Even that i tried to change my path in the past, my destiny calls me back to serve our Ancestors. And true to the challenge of time, this year i will strive my best to know more about our Family, our Clan the Gomez and Comon Clan. I will dig deeper to understand the path of our race and promote the Traditional and Indigenous Culture of our Land.

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