Shield Up!

Separate your selves to the world. Erect a boundary and make it strong. Those who are exposed will dry up and fall. But to those who hear the call will be comforted by the Ancestors and will be provided with all of your needs.

Apu’s reading from the Vision Quest Tarot

As time pass by, we see the number of people contracted with Covid 19 are increasing. We are advised by the Spirit to strengthen our Shield to protect us from this disastrous catastrophe that is happening to the world.

A shield not only to protect us from Coronavirus Disease but also from the negative thought form such as fear, hatred, terror, violence, warfare and worries. We also need to build up our selves because there is a tendency that we can cultivate a new behaviour due to being quarantined inside our own home. At this point of time, we should reflect on what kind of behaviour we should cultivate within ourselves? Like what we are seeing on Facebook timeline, we see people looking for their Mayor and Town Chieftain to provide them relief goods.

Well we are not disabled but only limited to our boundaries to keep us safe. The Spirit agree on having this boundary such as on quarantine. This is the only way that we can be safe from getting infected. But of course as we isolate our self, we need to cultivate a new positive behavior as well.

The second card foretell of what is going to happen to our world. As we expose our selves to open, we will be contaminated and as we get infected we will dry up. It is not a good card for me but this card is part of the reality that will happen if we neglect the voice of the Spirit. And lastly,…

The reward of being obedient is the blessing of providence as we are embraced by our ancestors.

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