Peace Weavers Prayer

There is one Power in the Universe, and we are the Perfect Manifestation of that power and for as such we Pray for Peace.

We Pray for Peace. We pray for Love and we pray for Stability. We envision that the whole world to embrace Peace.

Peace that promotes Justice.
Justice that follows Discipline and Orderliness.
Discipline and Orderliness as a result of Understanding.
Understanding as a product of knowledge.
And Knowledge as a fruit from the seed of Love.

Together we Pray to the Great Supreme Being, that we may be Blessed with Courage.

Courage that will make Love and Peace to overcome all form of Evil, Fear, Hatred, Terror, Violence, Warfare and Worries around the World.

By the Power of Love that Conquers all, Peace Prevails on Earth.

And by the Goddess within us who ignites the flame of love and light of life, and by God before us radiates the Light of Peace for All to see.

May all the people around the world be Blessed with Peace.

May all the inhabitants of Mother Earth enjoys the Blessings of Love.

As we create and manifest this in our life, by our Unified Will with aim no harm to anyone and in full gratitude to the Divine.

We accept and recieve this and it is so! SO MOTE IT BE!

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