A message from the First Priesthood to all Correllians on the current health crisis

Warm Greetings Members and Friends of the Correllian Tradition;

We sincerely hope this message finds you safe and in good health, amid this unprecedented time.

Though it does not look like it at the moment, know this world is supporting you, that you are made of the same stuff as the Goddess who created every planet and star. We have been equipped for a time like this or we would not have chosen to be here.

As this situation evolves please consider the following:

– Continue to adhere to the CDC’s rigorous guidelines.

– Continue pouring your powerful Correllian prayers over every land.

– Continue taking care of Mother Gaia, yourself and your family.

– Do something that you love to do.

– Post more often in your Correllian Hub to keep connection, if you are able.

We are aware that some Correllians have lost family members to this pandemic. Our hearts go out to them, and to all who are affected whether directly or indirectly. Please know that we are praying for you and sending energy. If you wish to join in the prayers, or if you are in need of prayer, please join our Correllian Membership Hub https://www.facebook.com/groups/CorrellianMembershipGroups/ and/or Spanish Speaking Correllian Hub https://www.facebook.com/search/top/…

May you be blessed now and always!

With Love,

M. Rev. Don Lewis Highcorrell

M. Rev. Stephanie Neal

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